The 7 Candlesticks/Churches Chart

In the earthly sanctuary service there were three pieces of furniture in the Holy Place. These three pieces of furniture were the 7 Branched Candlestick, the Table of Shewbread, and the Altar of Incense. In Revelation chapters 1-3 the 7 branches of the Candlestick are identified as churches covering the time of the ministry of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary from 31 AD to the close of probation just before the second coming of Jesus. These 7 churches are as follows:

1st Church – Ephesus – Pure and Desirable – 31 AD to 100 AD – the church goes out to preach the pure word of God.

2nd Church – Smyrna – Sweet Smelling – 100 AD to 313 AD – The church goes out to proclaim the gospel during the great persecutions of the Pagan Roman empire. The church stayed pure during this great struggle.

3rd Church – Pergamos – Elevated - 313 AD to 538 AD – Gods church is trying to resist the desire to enter into intimate relationship with the state.

4th Church – Thyatira – Sacrifice of Contrition – 538 AD to 1517 AD – the great dark ages where the church in the wilderness suffers until the coming of the Protestant Reformation in the time of Martin Luther.

5th Church – Sardis – That which remains – 1517 AD to 1831 AD – the time of the church when it starts to come out of the darkness and accepts the righteousness by faith message of Luther and comes all the way up to 1831 to about the time of the Millerite Movement in preparation for 1844.

6th Church – Philadelphia – Brotherly Love -1831 AD to 1844 AD – The wonderful experiences of the Millerite Movement to prepare the way into the Most Holy Place in 1844.

7th Church – Laodicea – Judging the People – 1844 AD to the Close of Probation  - The final message of repentance given to the church as she enters into the time of God’s judgment (Revelation 14:7). This phase lasts until the Close or Probation on the earth.

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