The 7 Seals Chart

Introduction: In the Earthly Sanctuary Service there are three pieces of furniture in the Holy Place. There is the Candlesticks, the Table of Shewbread, and the Altar of Incense. (Exodus 37:10-29). Revelation chapters 1-3 discuss the 7 branched Candlestick and the 7 Churches, Revelation chapters 8-11 discusses the Altar of Incense and the 7 Trumpets. The Table of Shewbread is not mentioned by name in Revelation but it is mentioned by function in that the Word of God is the Bread of Life (John 5-6) which is shared by God’s people and they are fed each and every day by this heavenly ministry. (Revelation 7:15-17) These 7 Seals are as follows:

Seal #1 – 31 AD to 100 AD – The White Horse phase of God’s church (Zechariah 10:3) sends the gospel truth out into the world with great power.

Seal #2 – 100 AD to 313 AD – The Red Horse is God’s truths going out under the persecutions of the Pagan Roman Empire. This lasts up to 313 and the Edict of Milan.

Seal #3 – 312 AD to 538 AD – The Black Horse indicates a phase of apostasy when the church encounters the efforts of some in the church to unite with the world. (Acts 20:28-31). When the church unites with the state terrible things will happen.

Seal #4 – 538 AD to 1230 AD – This begins the Papal phase of the church and this phase means that the true church must go into exile into the wilderness to be safe from persecution and doctrinal impurity. This is the death phase of the church.

Seal #5 – 1230 AD to 1755 AD – The souls under the altar indicate that the inquisition has begun and will carry on through the counter – reformation initiated by the times under the sixth trumpet.

Seal #6 – 1755 AD to 1844 AD – This phase of the Word of God is to alert people by the signs of earthquake, darkness of the sky, and the falling stars to alert the people that they need to prepare for the movement into the Most Holy Place in 1844.

Seal #7 – 1844 AD to the Close of Probation – This discusses the gospel to be given to the world under the three angels messages in Revelation 14 while Jesus remains in the Most Holy Place. This is the final message of mercy to a sin filled world.

For additional information on this subject go to and explore chapters 4-7 in Revelation.