7 Trumpets Chart

 Introduction – The 7 trumpets cover the same general time periods as the 7 Churches and the 7 Seals cover. It is this writer’s opinion that the 7 Trumpets are calls to repentance that are given in 7 periods of church evangelism. The 7 Trumpets are also facets of the Altar of Incense in the Holy Place Phase of the Heavenly Sanctuary Ministry of our Lord and Savior, and our Great High Priest Jesus Christ of Nazareth. These 7 calls to repentance are part of God’s gospel calls to His children through out the world between 31 AD and the ascension of Jesus to start His Holy Place Ministry according to the sanctuary symbolism. These calls are for His people to come to Him and take advantage of His Heavenly Sanctuary Ministry and to prepare them to move into the Most Holy Place Ministry in 1844 at the 7th Trumpet. These Trumpet Calls are to prepare a people to meet their God just after the close of Probation at the end of the 7th Trumpet. May God bless us in our ministry to others to help them find Jesus.


Trumpet #1 – 31 AD to 70 AD – God is using His church to call the Jewish church to repentance to unite with God’s people who have accepted Jesus Christ as the High Priest who died for us on Calvary and is no in the Holy Place of the Heavenly Sanctuary ministering for us.


Trumpet #2 – 70 AD to 313 AD – God’s church calling the Pagan Roman empire to repentance. The Roman empire responded to this call by persecution which ended in 313 AD.


Trumpet #3 –  313 AD to 538 AD -God’s church calling to the early Christian church that had started to get infatuated with the state politics, to come back to Jesus and avoid church state connections – the mixing of iron and clay of Daniel 2:41-42.


Trumpet #4 – 538 AD to 1216 AD – God’s church calling the early Christian church back from the Apostasy that resulted from uniting church and state. The early church responded by sending the Dominican Monks to start the early Inquistion.


Trumpet #5 – 1216 AD to 1537 AD – As rebellion continued God sent more light and energy through the early stages of the Protestant Reformation.


Trumpet #6 – 1537 AD to 1844 AD – In 1517 Martin Luther came on the scene to give the Protestant Reformation the next boost. The church of the Dark Ages sent the Jesuits to counter God’s Reformation. This call was to prepare the way into the Most Holy Place in 1844.


Trumpet #7 – 1844 AD to the Close of Probation – The closing call, the last opportunity to respond to Christ’s sanctuary/salvational call to repentance.


For more details on these Trumpets go to  www.the1844way.com on Revelation 8-11