Chronology of the Chapters of Daniel

Chapter 1 - 605 BC - God is in control of nations and Dietary Impact on spiritual issues. Antichrist does not want dietary reform.

Chapter 2 - 604 BC - Daniel is given the gift of interpreting dreams and visions. Antichrist wants to adjust prophecy to fit its needs. 

Chapter 3 - 603 BC - Daniel's friends trust in God even at a death decree. Antichrist instigates a death decree to remove trust in God and His care.

Chapter 4 - 570-562 BC - Daniel is again empowered by Jesus to interpret prophecy. Nebuchadnezzar is converted and will be resurrected in the end. Antichrist resists the conversion of Nebuchadnezzar.

Chapter 7 - 553 BC - Jesus repeats and enlarges the prophecy of Daniel 2 and introduces the judgment scene and the Little Horn. Antichrist wants to adjust this prophecy to deny the presence of the Little Horn through Preterism and Futurism. 

Chapter 8 - 550-549 BC - Jesus further describes the Little Horns activities and introduces the 2300 day prophecy. Antichrist denies the prophecies and helps people to lose interest in prophecy.

Chapter 5 - 539 BC - Jesus introduces an Investigative Judgment and Babylon is given to the Medes and Persians. Antichrist shows contempt of God and His sanctuary by Belshazzar drinking from the vessels of God.

Chapter 9 - 539 BC - Jesus gives Daniel some clarity about the 2300 days and gives the starting point of the prophecy as 457 BC. Jesus gives Daniel the time of the coming of Messiah in the 70 week section of the 2300 days. Daniel is studying the book of Jeremiah seeking for prophetic answers. Daniel is interceding for Israel and is proclaimed to be "greatly beloved" of God. Antichrist tries to confuse the dates and issues of the 2300 day prophecy. 

Chapter 6 - 539 BC - Daniel is raised to great leadership position by Darius the Mede. Conniving political leaders create a death decree about worship. Daniel is rescued from the lions den. This experience has a positive impact on the experience of Cyrus (Prophets and Kings page 557). Antichrist attempts to kill Daniel. 

Chapters 11-12 - 539 BC - God gives a more detailed history of the work of Antichrist leading up to the close of probation. Antichrist proclaims that this prophecy is too difficult to understand. 

Chapter 10 - 534 BC - Daniel continues unto the third year of Cyrus, who gives a decree for Israel to return to their home. Antichrist sends all of his agents, through time, to interfere with the truths of God, by error, and intimidation.