A Brief History of the SDA Remnant by Darlene Newman

Seventh Day Adventists       (Sabbath Keepers Awaiting      Jesus' Return)

Gal 3:1(YLT)

1O thoughtless Galatians, who did bewitch you, not to obey the truth — before whose eyes Jesus Christ was described before among you crucified? 

I have used these verses above as a warning  that we need to be careful and not think ourselves above leaving Truth.  That we may be careful and remember and cherish where we began,  hold onto the special Truths given us through ages past, Truth lost along the way during the Dark Ages, Truth brought back in phases starting with those such as Luther and developed, stalled and lit again in the middle and end of the 17th century. 

God never changes. He has had a people to continue His work starting from Adam and Eve to teach their offspring, Noah and family, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob from whom the  12 tribes came, David, Solomon, Jeremiah and his contemporaries, Daniel, and Ezra and his contemporaries.  Slowly the faithful dwindled again until there were no prophets in the land.  God raised up John the baptist to herald Present Truth...the Messiah was coming...repent and turn your hearts back to God. Special Truths poured from the Messiah's lips to straighten out the Truth which had been lost.  

At His death the temple veil was rent, signifying that the time of Israel's mission to carry His gospel was ended. Now it was without a formed theocracy but ALL coming to Jesus going out into world with this gospel of Good News.  Many Jews as well as Samaritans, Greeks, etc. received Him and were filled with the Holy Spirit.  Only those who have His Spirit are genuinely equipped to carry this Truth with Power. 

As the Word spread like wild fire, it also waned as history repeats this over and over...Truth is compromised but a remnant survives. 

The Dark Ages brought a time of spiritual Darkness till  about all Truth was lost.  But these remnants, sprinkled here and there...Waldenses, Albigenses, etc. ...  Then those that through reading His Word had their minds and hearts resurrected  such as Wycliffe, Luther, etc. a fire of Truth as well as severe persecution ensued. 

At the end of those times, humble groups of believers found their way to various parts of the world. 

The USA was especially blessed and called out in Revelation as the wilderness to which His people would flee.  Everyone seem to settle in nicely establishing homes, colonies, and states of the nation. Through time morality existed in some, others became outlaws and rebels, and education brought men's minds to out thinking God once again so that many new denominations formed. 

However, a remnant still remained. Though many Truths were still lost, the remnant carried deep love and devotion to the Lord. It was during this time another time prophecy was ripening. Unknown to any of that time, the time for the cleansing of the sanctuary, the anti-typical Day of Atonement was at hand.  A Deist, William Miller, at that time was lead by the Holy Spirit to begin studying.  From his studies the world was soon buzzing of a new concept, another Truth restored, Jesus was to come back a second time. Long story short, through him, a young lady and faithful follower of Jesus was being groomed by The Lord Himself to bring a prophet back to the land, a group of true believers banded together to study His Word, establish bible Truths and get Gods people back on track with Present Truth. Through them came a return to Sabbath, the goings on in the Sanctuary in heaven, that a man is a soul and is mortal, that he'll was not an active place holding the spirits of sinners in torment, and so much more. 

Out of this also came the Present Truth for their time and to be carried all the way to the return of Christ...the Three Angels of Revelation and their special messages to a world who didn't know Jesus and to all churches that still held erroneous beliefs that cemented in during the Dark Ages. 

Jesus and The Real Truth of His Word are the only way to make it through to the end. 

Many years have passed by since that awakening during the 17th century. The SDA church formed from that glorious time has been through much. As history has revealed and said to always repeat itself, time brings a degeneration from the beauty it had at its conception...thus, using God's people and their paths in history showing a lax and wandering that occurred, let us run to the Lord that we may hold onto the wonderful work He did in forming this church with His Love and Truth laid as its foundation, hold onto and recheck ourselves to see if we are fulfilling all that He laid out and how it is to done...schools, education, hospitals built and operated as laid out in the Spirit of Prophecy, priced so that any can come in and find Jesus as the goal and careers and physical heath are the secondary blessing rather than the primary goal will be found, equipping more so that His numbers will grow and the workers will be plentiful as the harvest is ripe and His coming is near.   Let us extract ourselves of ego and pride that has allowed us compromise and to mingle with heathen women. This only results in spiritual degeneration and finally apostasy. He wants this church that He formed to stay on the platform and not think we can approve upon what He has already established. 

Let us stand alone in Him, His Word and the guidance given us through the Spirit of Prophecy. 

Our name shows our first difference to any reading it...I've heard huh? A what? It causes us to speak the first Truth and we need to be ready with the correct bible answers as the Word says we are to do. 

Why keep trying to blend in with the world when what makes us different is His Word, His Truth, His special anointing to send us out in His Power to reach a dying works and to call the rest of our brothers and sisters out of Babylon.  If we don't, we will leave the platform and end up in Babylon.  This church, theses messages, were given a special task by Him. No other church has theses messages nor even know these messages are the last herald before the lines will no longer be crossed and the wicked will no longer have a Salvational Call and the Just will no longer miss chances to bring the Good News...all wil be decided and these movements will no longer be available. However, we will not get there while we live mediocre, play in the worlds playgrounds, use our hospitals and schools as a money making business enterprise rather than a soul winning enterprise, mot take seriously ge diets and its effect on health, or eat from the spiritual tables of the churches that did not follow Jesus into the most Holy Place in 1844.  

He has a remnant but shall the remnant stand on His platform as described in Early Writings and not come down as faithful Nehemiah. We have a work to do, let's let go of the world and fix our eyes on things unseen.