A Brief Comparison of the Sanitarium Philosophy and the Hospital Philosophy

Sanitarium Philosophy                                                   Hospital Philosophy

Heal body, soul, and mind                                              Heal body, maybe mind

Spiritual focus – three angels messages                        Limited to no spiritual focus

Save souls.                                                                      No salvation focus

Small number of beds.                                                     Generally large number of beds                        

Natural remedy focus, medical tx avaiable                       Medical/Drug focus on treatment

Long time in treatment 20-30 days                                   Short time of treatment – 1-8 days

Placed in the country                                                        Usually in the city

Predominantly SDA staff                                                   Have to staff with available people, no       

                                                                                          specific denominational standard

Patient funding                                                                  Insurance/Medicare funding

Spiritual standards of treatment                                         Insurance/state standards of treatment

Change of Character is a goal                                           Character is not addressed   

Vegetarian to vegan dietary is encouraged                        General diet is encouraged

Patients encouraged to have outdoor experience              Limited outdoor experiences

Patients invited to participate in light garden labor             No outdoor labor

Exposure of patients and buildings to air and sun              Buildings are sealed

Health and spiritual education daily                                    Health educational is optional

Staff encouraged to pray with patients                                Staff is discouraged from praying

Denominational focus – Seventh Day Adventist                 Non-Denomiational focus

God is the primary part of the healing process                    Science is primary focus of healing

Man is to cooperate with God in healing                              Man to help man in healing


The above comparisons are not presented to denigrate any treatment necessary to accomplish the care of the individual in need. However, it is the purpose of this brief listing to show that there are very strong differences of foci when comparing the two systems of healing. The Seventh Day Adventist system of healing has a very spiritual focus and to accomplish the goals of treatment take longer, require the assistance of God, and has a much heavier attention to the spiritual aspects of the patient and of the healing process. The healing process takes longer, and requires a heavy investment of  time, education, and spiritual orientation to accomplish the goals involved in the sanitarium process.

It has been the intent of the writer to compare the two systems so that the reader can look at the general ideas and have something to pray and meditate upon and to decide what focus is the most appropriate for each person to get healing or to provide healing to another person. I pray that these thoughts will assist in each person’s walk in life.