Bible Diets

Diet - As with all things that God has made He designed man for a specific diet and all of His spiritual truths were congruent with His plan for mankind’s health. God's dietary plan was to reveal His love and His care for His children. CO.


Original Plan:

That His children prosper and be in good health. 3 John 2.

There was to be no hurting nor destruction in God's holy mountain (His kingdom, nation, or church - see     Mountain), this included man, animal, or plant. Isaiah 11:9.

The fruit bearing plants were to be man's original diet so   that no plant died to feed man. Genesis 1:29

The tree of the field was to be man's life. Deuteronomy 20:19-20; Genesis 2:9

Access would not be denied to the Tree of Life. Genesis 3:22

If man would remain loyal to Jesus He would not bring any disease, or death, upon His children. Genesis 2:16-17; Exodus 15:26


Post-Fall Plan:

Access cut off to the Tree of Life. Genesis 3:22-24

Death was now the heritage of man. Genesis 2:17

Curse placed on the ground for man’s sake. Genesis 3:17

Man was now to eat of the herb of the field, in addition to the fruit of the trees. Genesis 3:18

The sacrificial system was introduced and man educated to distinguish between clean and unclean animals. Genesis 3:21 & 4:3-7 & 7:1-3.

No Biblical permission to eat animals given until Genesis 9:1-7


The World's Diet:

No distinction between clean and unclean. Isaiah 65:2-4 & 66:17; Ezekiel 22:26

Includes strong drink, wine, and the worship of false gods. Daniel 5; Numbers 28:1-3; Exodus 32:1-6

Open to dietary issues like eating blood, fat, and strangled food. Leviticus 17,18; Ezekiel 22; Acts 15:28-29

In rebellion against any command of God. Exodus 16:1-12,27-28; Numbers 11:1-15,31-34; Numbers 21:4-9; I Samuel 2:12-17; Psalms 78:15-41.                  


The Conversion Diet: Follows the growth principles of life - milk to strong food. Hebrews 5:11-15

Will follow Jesus' plan. I John 2:6

Will be able to distinguish between clean and unclean. Genesis 7:1-3; Leviticus 11; Deuteronomy 14: Leviticus 10:8-10; Ezekiel 22:26;    Acts 10:7-20,28; 11:1-18; II Corinthians 6:14-17

Will not eat blood. Leviticus 7:26-27; Leviticus 17:10-12; I Samuel 14:24-35; Acts 15:28-29

Will not judge others regarding whether to eat foods offered to idols. Acts 10-11; I Corinthians 8&10; Romans 14

Will not eat fat. Leviticus 7:22-25; Leviticus 3:17

Examples of early stage growth diets: II Samuel 16:1; 17:1-29;John 6:5-14; Matthew 15:32-38; John 21:1-13; I Kings 4:22-23


Last Day Diet: Adjustment and development of dietary behavior due to increased sin in the world, increased disease impact in the animal kingdom, acknowledgement of increased information and awareness of the Spirit of Prophecy, and awareness of the typology of preparing for entering into the promised land - heaven.

Daniel’s diet - Daniel 1:5-16 (Ezekiel diet Ezekiel 4:9-17).

Elisha's diet - II Kings 4:38-44

Elijah's diet - Elijah is introduced in Scripture as a meat eater, and      then progresses through several stages of dietary reform.  I Kings 17:4-7; 17:8-16; 19:4-8.

Israel's diet when leaving Egypt (typological of leaving the slavery of sin) and preparing to enter into Canaan (typological of heaven)         - Exodus 16:4-7, 11-19, 22-26,32-36; Numbers 11:6-9; Psalms 105:40-41.

Spirit of Prophecy - MH 271-348; Ed 195-224


Heavenly Diet:

Canaan a type of heaven - Numbers 13:1-27; Deuteronomy 1:22-25; Joshua 5:1-12; 24:13

We will eat food in heaven - Isaiah 65:21-23; Matthew 26:29; Luke 12:35-37; 22:30; Revelation 2:7; Ezekiel 47:12-Revelation           22:1-2.

New Jerusalem will have the Garden of Eden restored. GC 645-652.

Principles of the original diet will be restored in God's Holy Mountain. Isaiah 65:17-25


Spiritual diet:

Diet is a proving issue to see whether you will obey God or run your own program. Exodus 16:4 & 28.

Jesus is the spiritual manna and water of which we must partake. I Corinthians 10:1-4; John 6:24-71.

Whether eating or drinking we must do all to the glory of God. I Corinthians 10:31.

We must avoid the bread (diet) of the Pharisees and Sadducees a type of Babylon (GC 568). Matthew 16:5-12.

Don't drink of the wine of Babylon - her false doctrines.    Revelation 17:1-6. See wine.


Warning – Many people read things like the diet plans and immediately seek to accomplish such things in their own will power driven experiences. Bible counsel warns that such a thing is harmful to the reader. The Bible states that if you try, or even if you “succeed” on your own strength you have broken the new covenant relationship and have inadvertently created more sin in your life (the illusion that you can do things on your own. Revelation 3:14-19; Ezekiel 36:22-23). If you feel that the above counsel on diet is necessary in your life, seek Jesus to help you, guide you, and empower you inside the context of the new covenant relationship with Him. CO. See gospel – plan.