The Bible's Definition of Worship

Worship – There are a number of words that are used to convey the idea that worship is an event that takes place when one bows, or prostrates, oneself toward a superior being in adoration, respect, and love, and is willing to obey the directions of this superior being. Worship can be directed to God or to Satan. CO


True Worship –

          Abel brings of the flock to worship God. Genesis 4:1-4

Noah obeyed God, built the ark, and then went on board with His family. Genesis 6:8-7:1

Jacob worships God by blessing the two sons of Joseph. Hebrews 11:21

          Passover as a display of true worship of God. Exodus 12

Joshua worships Jesus by falling on his face when he recognizes Him and is willing to obey. Joshua 5:13-15

Solomon worships God and God grants him many gifts and asks Solomon to walk in His statutes and commandments and Solomon offers sacrifices and offerings. I Kings 3:4-15

Solomon places the ark of the covenant inside the oracle of the temple that he built for God and God reveals Himself by filling the temple with the cloud of His glory and then after the dedication prayer God sends fire to consume the sacrifices. II Chronicles 5-7    

Elijah calls Israel to worship the true God, they fall on their faces when God’s fire consumes the sacrifice and they worship God; then Elijah worships God by killing the prophets of Baal, and then prays to God for rain for Israel. I Kings 18

Worship scenes with Naaman seeking out the prophet of God, obeying the commandment of God’s prophet, baptizing and bowing before God, and then seeking grace for when he worships before false gods to support his king. II Kings 5

Manasseh’s true worship of taking away the strange gods from the temple and worshipping in harmony with the ways of God. II Chronicles 33:11-18

Hezekiah’s cleansing of the temple, restoration of true worship, and the responses of the people. II Chronicles 29-31

Josiah’s restoration of the temple and the peoples response of worship. II Chronicles 34:1-35:19

A Psalm of praise, honor, glory to God and a willingness to bow down before Him and obey Him. Psalms 95

Description of True Worship. Zechariah 3

Listing of changes that God will conduct to develop appropriate worship in His people. Ezekiel 36

Daniel’s worship of God by obeying dietary issues. Daniel 1

Daniel’s friends worshipping God by not worshipping idols, and they are rewarded by walking with Jesus. Daniel 3

Nebuchadnezzar finally able to worship God. Daniel 4

Daniel worships God and is delivered from the lion’s den. Daniel 6

Cyrus obeys God’s call and allows the children of Israel to return to Israel. Ezra 1:1-4; Isaiah 44:27-45:13

Wise men seek Jesus, they bow before Jesus, they give gifts, and they obey the counsel given to them by the Spirit of Prophecy. Matthew 2:1-12

The disciples left their work and followed Jesus. Matthew 4:18-22

Samaritan woman worships Jesus by believing that He is the Messiah and then going and telling others of her experience with Him. John 4:1-42

The Thief on the Cross worships Jesus and is blessed. Luke 23:39-43

The disciples were willing to be trained by Jesus and prepared for the filling of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in accordance with God’s Word. John 20:19-Acts 2

Stephen testifies of Jesus, is stoned, sees Jesus in heaven, and the prays for his enemies while dying. Acts 7:54-60

Paul is converted and submits to the direction of God and the blessings through Ananias. Acts 9:1-22

24 Elders worship God by falling down before Him and praising Him for being the Creator. Revelation 4:10-11


False Worship –

Cain brought an offering to God with no blood; thus Cain would not bow to God nor obey Him. Genesis 4:3-7

Worship of the golden calf at Sinai. Exodus 32:1-20

Curses are a sign that the people are worshipping Satan. Deuteronomy 28:15-68 See also chapter 1 of GC where the people have chosen to have Satan be their king and they obey him and manifest his spirit toward one another.

People that Assyria brought into Samaria to replace fallen Israel did not worship God according to His commandments, laws, and ordinances, but followed the ordinances of their gods, but they did fear God but would not obey. II Kings 17:24-41

Solomon disobeyed the prophecy of Deuteronomy 17:14-20 and his heart was turned away from God’s covenant and His statutes and worshipped other gods according to their ways. I Kings 11:1-11

Jeroboam sets up a false worship system to keep the children of Israel from returning to worship at the temple in Jerusalem. I Kings 12:25-33

Israel, in rebellion, trusts in lying words, steal, murder, swear falsely, burn incense to Baal, and walk after other Gods, like the Queen of Heaven in verse 18. Jeremiah 7:8-9

Listing of abominable forms of worship that Israel was conducting in the temple of God. Ezekiel 8

Manasseh’s false worship of the images and idols he introduced into the temple of God, and all of the other acts of disobedience to God. II Chronicles 33:1-10

The last plagues show that the people have rejected the worship of God and are displaying the characteristics of their god – Satan and blaspheme the name of God and refuse to repent. Revelation 16

Pharisees worship of God is negated for they replaced God’s requirements with their traditions, thus no submission, and no obedience. Matthew 15:1-9 See Mark 7:1-13

The Jews chose Barabbas as their Messiah and rejected Jesus. Matthew 27:15-26

The Jews reject Jesus as their king and choose Caesar. John 19:1-15

Rebellious worship the creature rather than the Creator. Romans 1:25

All the world worships the Beast and His image. Revelation 13

All the world will follow/worship the great whore – Babylon. Revelation 17

Every knee will bow to God, but their hearts are still far away from God. Philippians 2:9-11


How God wants us to worship:

Do not trust in lying words, execute judgment between a man and his neighbor, do not oppress the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, do not shed innocent blood, and do not walk after other gods. Jeremiah 7:3-7

What God wants for worship is not sacrifices of animals, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God. Micah 6:6-8

Must worship God in Spirit and in truth. John 4:19-26

Paul worshipped God by believing all things written in the law and the prophets including the truth of the resurrection of the dead. Acts 24:14-15

Elders of Israel bowed their heads and worshipped God when presented with the signs and testimony of Moses and Aaron. Exodus 4:31

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