Chronology of Last Day Events


457 BC The decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem - Start of the 2300 day prophecy and the start of the 70 week prophecy

4BC the Birth of Christ

27 AD the Baptism and Anointing of Jesus- The Father Speaks, The Holy Spirit comes in the form of a dove, The prophet John speaks, this date brings us to 483 years = 69 weeks

31 AD The Crucifixion of Jesus - the middle of the 70 the week.

34 AD The end of the 70 the week = 490 years, the end of the probationary time of the Jewish nation, the gospel goes to the Gentiles, and Paul is converted as the Apostle to the Gentiles.

67 AD The death of Paul, approximately the time that the fractures in the church set the stage for the early development of the papacy. Acts 20:28-30

508 AD Clovis becomes the military right arm of the papacy - the start of the 1290 days and the 1335 days of Daniel 13

538 AD The Ostrogoths are defeated by Belisarius and the third horn is plucked up making way for the little horn - the Papacy

1798 AD The end of the 1260 days prophecy. The death wound of the little horn/king of the north/sea beast by the king of the south atheistic/Sodom like France. The end of the 1290 days. The beginning of the end times.

1844 AD The end of the 2300 days prophecy. The start of the Investigative Judgment. The entrance of Jesus into the Most Holy Place. The starting of the SDA church. The beginning of the manifestation of the Testimony of Jesus through EGW. The starting of the awareness of the law of God and the Sabbath, thus fulfilling Rev 14:7. Jesus wanted to come shortly after 1844 if the brethren would have pressed forward by faith.

1888 AD The start of the latter rain through the introduction of the doctrine of Righteousness by faith. Also, the time of the Sunday legislation by Senator Blair. Jesus was ready to come during this time if the SDA brethren would have stayed focused on Jesus and pressed forward with God's help.


1929 AD Mussolini – signed the Lateran Pacts with Pope Pius XI in 1929 allowing Vatican City to be an independent sovereign nation with full diplomatic powers.

Continued disasters and natural crises until the world believes that these judgments are coming by God.

Satanic communications from the supposed apostles and supposed Mary that Sunday legislation will satisfy the wrath of God.

Papacy continues to gain influence in the political community, raising in power and connection with the United States. The Papacy wants the United States to act as Clovis acted in 508 AD to be it’s military arm.

Satanic manifestations and displays of power (II Thessalonians 2:8 and II Corinthians 11:13-15 and will convince people that the pope is his man on earth and that Sunday legislation is necessary.

As satanic manifestations increase so does the power of the Latter Rain until God has purified vessels to pour out His Spirit through to entrust them with supernatural witnessing powers like the disciples had during the early rain of Acts 2-5. Both parties are preparing people for the sealing.

Sunday laws are passed.

As the energy level rises people on both sides of the question of honoring God are making their final decisions. When all parties have made their final decisions then the mark of the beast is given to those loyal to Satan and the Seal of God is given to all those who are loyal to Jesus. Some martyrs during this time.

When the sealing is completed then the plagues can start. No more Christians will die.

Sunday law penalties increase until finally the death penalty is passed.

Time of the glorification of the saints approximately the time of the 5th plague. Special resurrection occurs, and God tells the people the day and hour of the Second Coming of Jesus.

Wicked recognize the glory of God on, and in, the saints, and their support of the Papacy evaporates because they recognize that they have been deceived and turn on their leaders. This is the drying up of the Euphrates and the start of Armageddon.

God pronounces that it is finished and His voice initiates the 7the plague of the earthquake while the cloud on which Jesus is traveling draws night to rescue the saints of God and the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of His coming.

Jesus calls for His sleeping saints to join Him in the air and this is the start of the millennium.

At the end of the millennium Jesus brings the saints, in the New Jerusalem, to the earth and resurrects the sleeping wicked. This starts the time of the wicked on the earth as they prepare to attack the New Jerusalem. As they approach Jesus initiates the final judgment scenes and all are allowed to see how Jesus called them and they refused to respond to His call.

Jesus initiates the lake of fire and all the wicked are burnt up in the fire and the earth is cleansed in preparation for His creating the earth made new. This time the righteous get to observe The Creator at work and the righteous live on a re-created earth and serve the other planets, as God ambassadors for ever.