Daniel Chapter Twelve

Verse 1

At the time when the papacy will think to have dominion over the whole world then Michael (Jesus- Daniel 10:21; 9:25; Revelation 12:7; Jude 9; Zechariah 3:1-2) will stand up and deliver the people recorded in His book – the Lamb’s book of life. Revelation 13:8; 20:15. There will be great tribulation but Daniel’s people – the spiritual Jews – will be delivered.


Verse 2

Many people will be resurrected to a special resurrection of wicked and righteous just before the general resurrection of the righteous at the second coming of Jesus. Revelation 1:7; Matthew 26:64


Verse 3

In the darkness of error and confusion those people who understand the prophecies of Daniel will reveal truth like the stars of the sky and turn many to righteousness.


Verse 4

Daniel is to shut up the book and the book will be sealed until the time of 1798 and then interest in the prophecies of the last part of Daniel will begin to be more and more understood as we near the end of time.  This is the official end of Daniel 11.


Verse 5

Daniel looks up and sees two people, one on one side of the river Hiddekel and one on the other side of the river.


Verse 6

One of the men, on the sides of the river, spoke to the Man clothed in linen, Revelation 10:5-6; Ezekiel 9:2; Revelation 1:12-15, and he asked “How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?” See also Daniel 8:13


Verse 7

The Man was upon the waters of the river, showing that He controls the powers of the river. The Man lifts both hands to heaven and swears by Him who lives for ever and ever (Daniel 7:9; Revelation 4:8) that it will be for a time, times, and a half a time (1260 days/years 538 AD – 1798) that the king of the north will scatter the power of the holy people (the Christians) and then all these things will be finished. This is similar to the statement made in Daniel 8:14


Verse 8

Daniel again expresses his dilemma that he does not understand. Daniel 8:27. Daniel requests to know what shall be the outcome of these things.


Verse 9

Daniel is comforted and told to live out his life for the words of this prophecy are to be closed up and sealed until the time of the end. 1798. Then the implication is that they will be unsealed and people will learn more about the prophecies. Daniel 12:4; Revelation 10:1-11




Verse 10

Jesus, the man in linen, says that as a result of the events described in Daniel 11 many will be purified, made white (Revelation 7:14) and tried and understand the things of Daniel. But the wicked will do wickedly and none of the wicked will understand. Matthew 13:10-17; Revelation 22:9-12


Verse 11 The time that the Daily ministry of God was substituted with the intercessory ministry of the RCC priesthood, and the RCC was established as the spiritual ruler of the Earth in 508 AD there would be 1290 years until 1798.


Verse 12 From the same date, 508 BC, God would take 1335 years to come to 1844 and then He would raise up a people who would reveal to the world what God’s true ministry in heaven was all about. These people would direct the minds and hearts of the people away from the old covenant ministry of the RCC to the New Covenant ministry of Jesus in the Sanctuary in heaven. This people raised up by the experience of the Revelation 10 would preach again to the people of God about the true Daily – the intercessions of Jesus while He was conducting the Investigative Judgment of Daniel 7:9-14; and the Day of Atonement ministry of Jesus spoken of in Leviticus 16. All of these principles would be explained and enlarged in the three angels messages of Revelation 14.


Verse 13

Jesus comforts Daniel that he has done his part and can be at rest till the end. Daniel will stand in his position at the end of the days. This means that the material of the book of Daniel will accomplish its purposes to the end and it could mean that Daniel will be resurrected in the special resurrection of Daniel 12:2