Daniel Chapter Ten

In Chapter ten Daniel is presented with another vision, the vision of Daniel 11-12, and in this case Daniel is led to understand the vision and to understand the issues of the struggle of the building of the temple in Jerusalem. This vision occurred in the third year of Cyrus King of Persia or approximately 536 BC. This vision takes place in the context of the struggles in Israel to rebuild the temple and the city and to restore the nation to a right relationship with God. Daniel 9:25


It appears that when Daniel hears the news of the various struggles of his people in Israel he starts to intercede for them by fasting and prayer. Again Daniel is visibly performing the intercessory ministry of Jesus who is in heaven preparing the circumstances for His own coming to Earth to visibly perform all of the functions of Daniel 9:24 including that of the Daily ministry of God in behalf of His people.


While fasting and praying for his people Daniel is granted a vision of Michael standing on the river Hiddekel. See Daniel 12:6. He was on the river to show that He owned the river and the country that it empowered – Persia. He was above it and controlled all of the activities of this country. He is presented to Daniel to give him assurance that the events that Daniel is praying and fasting about will be resolved positively. Michael/Jesus is presented as very similar to the presentation of Jesus in Revelation 1:13-15 and Revelation 10:1-3.


When Daniel attempts to describe the vision of Michael he states that other people were with him but only Daniel actually saw the vision. The others could sense the presence of God and fled His presence. When Daniel saw the vision of God he retained no strength and he recognized his impurity in the presence of infinite purity. See Isaiah 6:5-7. When Daniel heard the voice of God he fell on his face in a deep sleep. Daniel required the touch of God to give him strength to hear the vision and to respond. While he was watching the vision he had no strength and no breath in him. This scene was given to us to let us know some of the signs of a prophet in vision.


Again the speaker who conversed with Daniel was Gabriel who describes the important parts of the preparation of the vision in Chapter ten and then gives the details of the vision in Chapters 11-12. Gabriel states that when Daniel started to fast and pray that Gabriel was sent to accomplish the things that Daniel was praying about. Yet in the process the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood Gabriel for the 21 days of the fast of Daniel. Yet when it was time Michael the First of the chief Princes came to help Gabriel and when Michael came victory was granted.


Gabriel states that he has come to make Daniel understand what will happen to his people in the latter days and to remind Daniel that the vision was for many days. Again, this is a reminder that the vision lasts at least unto the end of the 2300 days prophecy of Daniel 8:14 – 457 BC to 1844 AD, and then beyond that to the end of the beasts of Daniel 7 and even to the final establishment of the kingdom of God after the millennium.


Again Daniel is overwhelmed by the information and needs to be strengthened again. Gabriel again assures Daniel that victory will be won and that his people will be supported by the Kings of Persia to get the Temple rebuilt and the city as well. When the tasks of Persia are completed then the prince of Greece will come as well, and by implication the prince of Rome will come after that until the vision of Daniel 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 will be fulfilled. Gabriel will reveal the truths of the Scripture and there is no one who knows these things like Michael, the Prince of Daniel and Israel.


Daniel ten is a chapter that clarifies the power of God and the ability of God to control events in Persia and Greece like He did in Babylon with Nebuchadnezzar. God also implies that He will be able to control the events of the kingdoms of pagan and papal Rome as well. In fact, God rules over all of the affairs of men and even though the vision covers the times of the 2300 days prophecy, God will win in the end and all who trust Him will be granted victory as well. See Daniel 7:26-27. All of this presentation of Daniel ten is to prepare us to go into Daniel 11-12. Let us go forward in faith trusting that God will help us to understand His word as well.