Fundamental Doctrines of the Remnant Church 1


Introduction: It is the intent of this writer to share his views on the fundamental doctrines of the Remnant Church, God’s final church. This list is not meant to be comprehensive for God’s Word and His Truths are ever unfolding for us as we are able to bear them. This list is also not to compete with the 28 fundamental doctrines of the SDA church as published at the official SDA site  This list is not meant as a standard by which to excommunicate people or to discipline them for all of us grow at our own rate. But this list is meant to stimulate growth in grace and truth. This list of teachings is meant to encourage people to take a firm stance on the Word of God and to trust that our God is not trying to deceive us or to confuse us. That there are teachings that are clear, simple, to the point and that how we receive these truths will determine how we are prepared to meet Jesus in the air, or to run away from Him and hide when He comes the second time. It is the goal of this list to encourage each of you who reads this list to open your Bibles and see whether these teachings meet the standard of the Word of God and are confirmed by 2-3 witnesses (II Corinthians 13:1). This list of doctrines is also to testify that when we move into the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary that we are no longer babes in Christ but are fully mature and we are able to discuss and believe and live out the doctrines that Christ has been longing to teach us (Hebrews 5:11-6:3) This list will not all be in one file on the 1844 way for this website can not handle postings longer than 10,000 words so there will be breaks in the posting and there will be a number of sections – a Doctrines 1, 2, 3, 4 until all of these doctrines are posted for your study, and prayer. Thank you for being willing to take a look at them. And as always please share any additional doctrines by email at Thank you for your prayers for me and for this website.

1. Priesthood of the Believers – In the Old Testament times God’s original priesthood was the firstborn sons of each family. They would be trained by their fathers and take the place as the high priest of the family at the death of the father. In the time of Moses God continued to have the firstborn be the priesthood until the rebellion at Mt. Sinai and then God used the only whole tribe that chose to come to Moses in Exodus 32:25-28; Numbers 3:40-51; Patriarchs and Prophets 351. This tribe was to be of special assistance to Aaron and his sons in the ministry and caretaking of the Sanctuary. This system stayed in effect until the coming of the Great High Priest Jesus Christ who was after the order of Melchizedek – Hebrews 7-10. When the Great High Priest came then the Levitical order ceased and the order of Melchizedek was instituted and the 12 Disciples were added to assist Jesus. In I Peter 2:1-10 Jesus expands the “priesthood” that follows our Great High Priest to all who believe in Him, just as He had made the whole nation of Israel a nation of priests to minister to all the world Exodus 19:1-6. This priesthood remains in place until probation closes for the intercession of sinners on earth at the time of Revelation 15. But in the end we will continue to minister in behalf of Jesus to all of the peoples of the universe. The priesthood of the believer means that each of us can come directly to the throne of grace and interact personally with God to get our guidance, directions, and power to go out to the world to be ambassadors/priests (II Corinthians 5:20) on behalf of our Great High Priest Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of the Living God. We must do our best to maintain unity while here on earth with our brothers and sisters, but no man on this earth has the power to block our ability to go directly to Jesus. He is our Great High Priest and we in turn are to minister to all with whom He brings to us.


2.  The Nature of Christ – is one of the more controversial doctrines of the Bible. Many believe that Jesus was born of the flesh of Adam before he fell so that Jesus would have no connection to us. But the Bible declares that Jesus was born of nature of Abraham (Hebrews 2:16) and of the flesh of David (Romans 1:3; II Timothy 2:8). Jesus was made like we are (Hebrews 2:11-18) but was born converted through the agency of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:18-25). Jesus was born of a woman who needed a Savior for she was a sinner like all of the rest of humanity. She imparted her human nature to Jesus and He was tempted of all things and yet was without sin (Hebrews 2:10, 18; 4:15). Jesus was fully man and yet He was fully God. Jesus is our older brother and He is our Redeemer, and our God. Jesus had our humanity, and our nature, and yet He never chose to sin against His Father or against His brothers (Desire of Ages 49, 71, 117, 311-312, 363)

Another facet of the doctrine of the Nature of Christ is I John 4:1-3. This Scripture emphasizes the fact that if we deny that Jesus took our nature we are partakers of the spirit of antichrist. God’s remnant church will be firm on the subject of the nature of Christ because this is a foundational concept of the last day remnant church. This concept is a test concept of which side we are on – either the side of Christ or the side of antichrist. 


 3. The Investigative Judgment – that process of judgment where there needs to be an investigation of the information, for someone’s benefit, and then the final judgment takes place and then the penalty, or reward, of the judgment occurs. Examples of the investigative judgment are when Jesus goes looking for Adam and Eve in Eden after their sin. Jesus asks Adam where he was in the garden. It is clear that Eternal All-Knowing God already knew the answer for this question but asks it any way for our benefit as well as for Adam and Eve. The question is on the floor and demands and answer. Adam finally answers the question and the investigation starts, is completed, and the judgment of death is passed on them, as well as on Jesus. Another example of the Investigative Judgment is when He allows Abraham to question His wisdom and standards in Genesis 18:16-33. Again Jesus did not have to allow this Investigation to occur for He already know how many righteous people were in Sodom, but for our sakes and the Angels sakes He came to earth to go through this process with His son – Abraham. Another example of the Investigative Judgment phase is that of Solomon asking about what happened to the two harlots in I Kings 3:16-28. In this case King Solomon did not know the answers but had to find them out. In the end King Solomon was respected as a great leader for his wise decision regarding the impossible case I Kings 3:28. The final investigative Judgment for mankind started in 1844 at the end of the 2300 day prophecy in Daniel 7:9-27 and Daniel 8:15. Jesus “Investigates” His people, for our sakes, and He makes up His number of people and then comes to claim them as His own. Infinite God does these things for our blessing and instruction.

4. Open and Shut Door–The Open and Shut Door doctrine is presented all through the Bible. This doctrine is illustrated by the open and shut door of Eden when Jesus led Adam and Eve out of Eden and would not allow them to come back in until the second coming. Again in the story of Noah there was an open and shut door and when the door was open very few people accepted the offer of salvation through the Ark that Noah built at Jesus’ instructions. When Jesus shut the door there was no more hope. This is again illustrated in the open and shut door at Lot’s house in Genesis 19. This story is told over and over again to be sure that we understand that Jesus tries a thousand ways to save us and we should take the opportunity while it is available for in all cases there comes a time when the door is shut as in the declaration of doom for Belshazzar in Daniel 5. This story is told one more time in the story of the Church of Philadelphia when another open and shut door is described in Revelation 3:7-13. This door was opened in 1844 and will close at the end of salvation when Jesus tales off His intercessory garments in the sanctuary in heaven. After that time there will be no more people saved on earth.


 5. Victory over Sin in Humanity–One of the critical stories of the Bible is that Jesus came with the flesh of David Romans 1:3. As a human being, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and the free moral decision making of Jesus, God showed that a human being could keep His laws and live a life the reflected the mind and heart of God. Each human being who is converted and born again, is empowered by the Holy Spirit to live a life like Christ’s for the Holy Spirit dwells in the sanctuary of the heart and empowers each Christian to be Christ like in though, feeling and actions. Only Jesus can accomplish such a powerful task and it is described in Revelation 14:1-12 that there will be a group of people that will stand with Christ through the time of trouble and will not turn away from God by faith.

6. Multi-Phasic Atonement – This concept brings us back to the Sanctuary Doctrine. Jesus created the sanctuary to have 3 basic parts – the courtyard, the inner sanctuary, and the Most Holly Place. Each Christian must come into the courtyard of the sanctuary by faith, and bring His sacrifice – Jesus the Lamb of God. He/she is to slay this Lamb by faith and to accept the gifts of forgiveness and change of heart by faith in God. Then he/she is to believe that Jesus takes that blood, which carries their sins, into the sanctuary and sprinkle them on the records in heaven – symbolized by the blood on the curtain. They are to receive the benefits of sanctification through the concepts absorbed in the Holy Place of the Sanctuary. Then, at the close of the religious year, that time from 1844 to the close of probation just before the second coming of Jesus, they are to trust that Jesus will start the final Investigative Judgment and complete the cleansing of sin from all of those people who have believed in His power to save. When that Most Holy Place cleansing is completed then the “door” of the sanctuary in heaven will be closed and Jesus will come and gather His cleansed people and take them to heaven.

7.  2300 Day Prophecy – The 2300 day prophecy is one of those central prophecies that tells us about the actions of Jesus in salvation. Jesus promised to come to earth but no one knew when until Jesus gave the 2300 day prophecy in Daniel 8:14 and explained the process of the prophecy in Daniel 8. Jesus told us that this prophecy would start in 457 BC with the decree of Artaxerxes Ezra 7. This starts the date of the 2300 day prophecy and it technically ends in 1844 AD at the start of the Investigative Judgment/Day of Atonement. In the middle of the prophecy it tells the time when Jesus would actually come to earth. The wise men of the east studied this prophecy and discovered that Jesus would be killed in the middle of the last week of the 70 week prophecy and thus any prophet/priest would start out at 30 years of age. So they worked backward from the end of the 70 week prophecy, which had been cut off from the 2300 day prophecy, which would end in 34 AD. One week of years (7 years) before 34 AD would be 27 AD and 30 years before that would bring them, as well as us, to 5-4 BC the birthdate of Jesus. This prophecy tells us about the various acts of Jesus – His birth, His anointing at the time of the start of His ministry, His death, the time when Israel would officially cut themselves off from Jesus, and then His movement from the Holy Place of the Sanctuary into the Most Holy Place of the sanctuary in heaven to complete the final steps of salvation for mankind.


8.  Health Message – is a central theme of the Bible that is most clearly lived out in Daniel in chapter one of his book, and then again displayed in the life of Jesus who always ate and drank in a manner that was fully in harmony with His laws given to Israel. The health message starts with Genesis 1:29 where Jesus, our Creator, tells us what He wanted us to eat. If we ate in harmony with Him there would be no death or suffering in all His holy mountain Isaiah 11:9. Because of sin death came into the world and both man and beast suffered because of death. Yet God had given instruction about what to eat and what not to eat and repeated this instruction at the flood. Noah, as well as all people, were instructed again as to what was a clean animal – for 7 clean animals of each kind came into the ark and only 2 unclean animals came it for each kind of animal that was unclean. After the flood mankind was given permission to eat clean animals, at least temporarily until the animals could repopulate and the original food could grow back. Again and again through history God gave instructions to His people as to what to eat, like manna in the wilderness, and again and again God’s people said no we want to eat like the world eats. Jesus clarified the process in his wilderness struggle that man is to eat by the Word of God, and then again through the writings of EGW, this was further clarified so that all who want to know what to eat and how to live can have clear instructions.


9. The Sanctuary – is an acted out metaphor, and theological outline of how Jesus wants us to understand how He saves people. The Sanctuary was first presented in Eden in its perfection, and simplicity. Then He revealed how He saves people by seeking out Adam and Eve and offering them salvation through the exchange of their efforts to clothe themselves with the garments of salvation that He had made for them. This study continued in the Ark/Sanctuary of Noah, and then the simplest most explicit outline of the sanctuary in the time of Moses. Moses had the sanctuary built according the outline given to Him by Jehovah/Jesus in the mountain. The Holy Spirit anointed special men to be the builders of the sanctuary and displayed many “manual” spiritual gifts in the construction of the building of the sanctuary.

Just a few of the main issues in the sanctuary were the position of the sanctuary in the very center or heart of Israel, the white curtain symbolizing the righteousness of Christ, the multi-colored entrance symbolizing the wound in the side of Jesus on the cross, the altar of sacrifice symbolizing Calvary and the surrender of each soul to Jesus, the laver to symbolize the baptism of the saints, the Candlesticks showing the 7 churches of Revelation 1-3 in the Holy Place portion of the sanctuary symbolizing the light of Jesus displayed through His church, the Table of Shewbread showing that the Word of God must be distributed to all the world by His church, the Altar of Incense symbolizing the prayers of the saints mingled with the righteousness of Christ, the Ark of the Covenant with the laws of God written in the hearts of God’s people, the Rod of Aaron symbolizing the Priesthood of Jesus as well as the priesthood of each believer, the container of Manna showing the health message and the power of God to sustain His followers, and the Shekina in the Most Holy Place as well as a direct link to the cloud of power that watched over Israel through all of their travels. All of these things are displayed through the life of the individual believer, as well as the church on earth, and the activities of the church in heaven.

This doctrine of the sanctuary is specifically attacked by the church of Satan. In Daniel 7:25 we find that the Little Horn, Satan’s representative body on earth, wants to destroy or alter the laws of God, and the times of God’s activities – literally and spiritually. The Little Horn is represented as attacking the Holy Land – the church, the host of heaven – God’s people, the stars – the leaders of God’s church on earth, the Prince of God’s people – Jesus/Michael, the daily – the intercessory ministry of Jesus on earth and in heaven, the place of Gods sanctuary – Jerusalem first and then the church later, and against the Truth in Daniel 8:9-14. In Daniel 11:30 the Little Horn/King of the North will attack Jesus’ covenant and His covenant people, he shall attempt to defile the sanctuary of God, take away the daily, and place the abomination of desolation – a massive denial of God’s saving process. This is God’s summary statement of the things that the Little Horn will attempt to do, and then in Revelation it will reveal the Little Horns utter defeat for no one in heaven and earth can overthrow Jesus for His is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and His sanctuary, and His doctrine of His sanctuary will be especially defended by His people on earth. This is why that Jesus raised up His last day church, the church of those who believe in the judgment and who choose to let Jesus judge them. They are raised up to teach and live out the sanctuary doctrine so that all who see will fall in love with Jesus just as the Queen of Sheba did in I Kings 10:1-9.