V. 8 Spread my skirt over thee - sign of possession.


V. 8 Covered thy nakedness - Covered her with His righteousness Zech 3:4; Revelation 3:18; 19:8



 V. 8 Entered into a covenant with you - New covenant experience. Heb. 8:8-13.


V. 8 You became mine.


V. 9 I washed you with water. Cleansed with the Spirit. Ezek 36:25.


V. 9 Washed away your blood.


V. 9 Anointed you with oil. Oil of joy. Psalms 45:7


V. 10 I clothed you with broidered work. Sign of royalty. Ezekiel 26;16.


V. 10 Shod you with badger skins. Sanctuary symbol.


V. 10 Covered you with silk. Proverbs 31:22-25.


V. 11 Decked you with ornaments. Isa. 61:10


V. 11 Put bracelets on your hands.  Exodus 13:8-10, 14-16; Deut 6:3-8 & 11:18-21.


V. 11 Put a chain on your neck. Parental laws and guidance. Proverbs 6:20-21; 1:7-9; 3:1-3.


V. 12 Jewel on your forehead. Revelation 14:1.


V. 12 Earrings in your ears. Proverbs 25:12 A wise reprover on an obedient ear.


V. 12 Crown on your head. Zech 3:5; Ex 28:36; Isa. 28;5; Prov. 4:9.


V. 13 Decked with gold and silver. Prov 3:13-14.


V. 13 Your raimant of linen and silk and broidered work. Rev. 19;8.


V. 13 Ate fine flour, honey, and oil. Sanctuary symbols.


V. 13 You were exceeding beautiful.


V. 13 Prospered into a kingdom.


V. 14 Renowned for beauty.


V. 14 Your beauty was perfect through my comeliness which put on you.


Additional jewelry concepts.

Rings on fingers Prov 7:1-3

Trial of your faith more precious than gold. I Peter 1:7.

No adorning of hair, wearing of gold, putting on apparel, and a quiet spirit are more important than jewelry. I Pet 3:3-4