Issues in the Great Controversy

A Commentary on Daniel and Revelation.


Destruction of Jerusalem in the first chapter.


Paganism recognizes the dangers of Christianity and starts to fight against is through the persecutions of Nero and the other emperors. 39-40


Nominal conversion of Constantine(312-323) starts the compromise which results in the papacy – paganism wins. 49-50


Series of doctrines that war against the new covenant and the sanctuary doctrines of Daniel 11:28-32

1.     Bishop of Rome declared to be the head of the church – nullifying Jesus as the head. 538 BC

2.     Removing and nullifying Scripture.

3.     Establishment of idolatry.

4.     Beginning of Sunday exaltation.

5.     At close of 8th century claim that the bishops of Rome always had the power that they wielded in the 8th century.

6.     Gregory the VIIth proclaimed the infallibility of Rome, and the power to depose kings and emperors.

7.     Doctrine of immortality of the soul and conciousness at death. This prepared the way for the invocation of saints and of Mary.

8.     Purgatory.

9.     Indulgences.

10.            Inquisition.


Beginnings of the Reformation with Columba, and the Waldenses.


Start of the Reformation with Wycliff, Huss, Jerome, Luther, Melancthaon, Zqingli, Farel, Berquin, Calvin, Tyndale, Knox, Wesley.


Protest of the Princes in 1529


France attacks the Pope 1798


The rising of America.


Preaching of the Second Coming after 1798


William Miller


Initial awareness of the sanctuary system.


1833 Disappointment.


1844 (Prophecies Fulfilled)


Series of chapters discussing doctrines to bring people back to Scripture.

1.     Sanctuary unfolded.

2.     Jesus our High Priest

3.     America in Prophecy

4.     Sabbath reform.

5.     Modern Revivals and Reformations.

6.     Judgment.

7.     Origin of sin.

8.     Discussion of Satan.

9.     Immortality.

10.             State of the dead.

11.             Freedom of Worship.

12.             Sabbath Reform in the future.

13.             Scriptures our safety and standard.

14.             Loud Cry.


Description of the great tribulation.


God’s people delivered – 7 plagues, Armageddon, Second Coming of Jesus.




Destruction of the wicked.


New heavens and a new earth.