Spiritual Dictionary Section L-1

Lightning - A multi-purpose concept that includes the physical phenomenon that accompanies a rain storm but also indicates a revealing of God, a sanctuary movement, or a message about God that is clear, distinct, and powerful. CO

Lightning is a part of the phenomenon of a storm along with  thunder and rain. Job 28:26; 38:25; Psalms 135:7; Jeremiah 10:10-13; 51:16

Lightning reveals a distinct message. Matthew 24:27; Luke 10:17-18; Psalms 97:4

Lightning compared to God's messengers including angels and His people the church. Ezekiel 1:13-14; Daniel 10:6; Matthew 28:3; Nahum 2:3-4

Lightning compared to arrows, shot by God. II Samuel 22:14-15; Psalms 144:6; 18:14; 77:17-18; Zechariah 9:14

Lightning is part of the package of events (lightning, thunder, voices, earthquake, and often times hail) that happens when God reveals Himself. Exodus 19:16; 20:18; Psalms 77:13-22; Revelation 4:5; 8:5; 11:19; 16:17-18


Lights- "The people of God are His representatives upon the earth, and He intends that they shall be lights in the moral darkness of this world…Trials patiently borne, blessings gratefully received, meekness, kindness, mercy, and love, habitually exhibited, are the lights that shine forth in the character before the world, revealing the contrast with the darkness that comes of the selfishness of the natural heart." PP 134


Linen- "…the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints." Rev 19:8 NAS


Link- "The law of service becomes the connecting link which binds us to God and to our fellow men." Ch S 109


Lion - a symbol of a strong, aggressive, evil, nation or individual, or individuals. Also, a symbol of royalty, power, or judgment. CO

Babylon - Isaiah 21:1-10; Jeremiah 4:3-7; 50:17,44; Revelation 13:2

Dan - Deuteronomy 33:22

Daniel in the lions den - symbolic of God's ability to deliver His people. Daniel 6

David's deliverance by God. I Samuel 17:32-37. Symbol of God's deliverance from Goliath, the composite giant of Daniel 2 and the lion like beasts of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13:2.

Edom - Jeremiah 49:7,19

Egypt - Isaiah 30:6; Ezekiel 32:2

Ephraim - Hosea 5:14

False prophets - Ezekiel 22:25

Gad - Deuteronomy 33:30; I Chronicles 12:8

God - Deuteronomy 33:20; Isaiah 31:4; Hosea 11:10; 13:7-8; Amos 3:8

Heavenly description of lions - Isaiah 11:6-7; 35:9; 65:25

Israel - Negative - Jeremiah 12:8; Ezekiel 38:13; Zepheniah 3:3; Zechariah 11:3

Positive comparison to a lion - Numbers 23:24; 24:9

Jesus - Revelation 5:5

Nations - Jeremiah 2:15; Ezekiel 38:13; Joel 1:6; Revelation 9:8,17

Remnant/144,000 - Micah 5:8

Samson's conflict with the lion - Parable of Israel's slaying of Jesus. Out of His (Jesus - the lion in judgment on Samson for seeking a Philistine wife) death comes forth sweetness and out of His death comes forth food.

Sanctuary symbols of royalty - I Kings 7:29,36; Ezekiel 1:10; 10:14; 41:19; Revelation 4:6-7

Satan - I Peter 5:8

Symbol of animal like qualities - II Samuel 23:20; I Chronicles 11:22

Symbol of judgment - I Kings 13:1-32; I Kings 20:36; II Kings 17:25-26; Isaiah 15:9; Jeremiah 2:30; 5:6

Symbol of kingly qualities - Proverbs 19:12; 20:2

Symbol of national royalty - I Kings 10:19-20; II Chronicles 9:18-19

Symbol of strength and courage - II Samuel 1:23; 17:20; I     Chronicles 12:8; Proverbs 28:1

Wicked are like - Psalms 10"1-11; 17:8-13; 22:13,21; 57:4; 58:6; II Timothy 4:17


Little Ones - (context of Matthew 10:42) - "…little ones are those who are as children in their faith and their knowledge of Christ." PK 132


Little ones - context of Matthew 10:42 - "By "little ones" Christ does not mean babies. Those to whom He refers are "little ones which believe in Me" - those who have not gained an experience in following Him, those who need to be led like children, as it were, in seeking the things of the kingdom of heaven." EV 341


Longing of the soul- "You who in heart long for something better than this world can give, recognize this longing as the voice of God to your soul." SC 16


Longsuffering of God- is salvation. II Peter 3:15


Lot's Wife - Lot's wife became a symbol of rebellion against God due to her desire to maintain her possessions. Her heart was tied to Sodom through the things of this life. CO

Genesis 19:26 "But his (Lot) wife looked back (to Sodom) from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt."

Luke 17:26-32 In the context of "normal" life Jesus warns us not to get caught up in the things of this world and neglect the preparation for Jesus. In vs. 31-32 Jesus warns not to go back for our "stuff" when the call comes to flee for your lives. Jesus then says remember Lot's wife and what happened to her when she remembered her "stuff". CO


"The wife of Lot was a selfish, irreligious woman, and her influence was exerted to separate her husband from Abraham. But for her, Lot would not have remained in Sodom, deprived of the counsel of the wise, God-fearing patriarch. The influence of his wife and the associations of that wicked city would have led him to apostatize           from God had it not been for the faithful instruction he had early received form Abraham. The marriage of Lot and his choice of Sodom for a home were the first links in a chain of events fraught      with evil to the world for many generations." PP 174


"Again the solemn command was given to hasten, for the fiery storm would be delayed but little longer. But one of the fugitives ventured to cast a look backward to the doomed city, and she became a monument of God's judgment. If Lot himself had manifested no hesitancy to obey the angels' warning, but had earnestly fled to the mountains, without one word of pleading or remonstrance, his wife also would have made her escape. The influence of his example would have saved her from the sin that sealed her doom. But his hesitancy and delay caused her to lightly regard the divine warning. While her body was upon the plain, her heart clung to Sodom, and she perished with it. She rebelled against God because His judgments involved her possessions and her children in the ruin. Although so greatly favored in being called out from the wicked city, she felt that she was severely dealt with,         because the wealth that it had taken years to accumulate must be left to destruction. Instead of thankfully accepting deliverance, she presumptuously looked back to desire the life of those who had rejected the divine warning. Her sin showed her to be unworthy of life, for the preservation of which she felt so little gratitude. PP 161-162


"...He (Lot) was continually pleading for himself, and this unbelief cost him the life of his wife. She looked back to Sodom, and murmuring against the dealings of God, she was changed to a pillar of salt, that she might stand as a warning to all those who disregard the special mercies and providences of heaven." 4T 111


Loud Voice- "It (the 3rd angels message) is represented as being given with a loud voice; that is, with the power of the Holy Spirit." 7BC 980


Love- "God is love." I Jn 4:8


Love - "And this is love, that we walk after His commandments...." II John 6


Love- "Love is the agency through which God works to draw the heart to Him." R&H July 27, 1893


Love- "Love is the light and life of God." MB 34


Love- "Righteousness is love." MB 34


Love Him- "To love Him the Infinite, the Omniscient One, with the whole strength, and mind, and heart, means the highest development of every power. It means that in the whole being - the body, the mind, as well as the soul - the image of God is to be restored." Ed 16


Love of Christ- "The love of Christ in the heart is what is needed. Self is in need of being crucified. When self is submerged in Christ, true love springs forth spontaneously. It is not an emotion or an impulse, but a decision of a sanctified will. It consists not I feeling, but in the transformation of the whole heart, soul, and character, which is dead to self and alive unto God." 6BC 1101


Love our neighbor- "The spirit of Christ will lead His followers to be concerned not only for their success and advantage, but to be equally interested for the success and advantage of their brethren. This will be loving our neighbors as ourselves." TIMKH 176


Love to God- "Love to God, the satisfying hope of heaven, springs up in good works unto eternal life." 2SP 142


Love - true - "True love seeks first the honor of God and the salvation of souls." PK 132


Loveliness- "Natural loveliness consists in the harmony or likeness of our souls to Jesus." OHC 271


Loveliness, Spiritual- "Spiritual loveliness consists in the harmony or likeness of our souls to Jesus." OHC 271


Lowliness of heart- "Lowliness of heart is the strength that gives victory to the Christian." 2SP 207


Lowliness of heart- "Lowliness of heart, that meekness which is the fruit of abiding in Christ, is the true secret of blessing." MB 17


Lucifer - "…Lucifer, "the light bearer." PP 40


Lying- "It is claiming to believe the truth while the spirit, the words, the deportment, represent not Christ but Satan." 7BC 936


Lying Lips - "Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord." Proverbs 12:22