Spiritual Dictionary Section N

Naked – A state of being which needs the clothing of Jesus so that no shame appears.  One can be naked and feel no shame if covered in the garments of Jesus and His righteousness. Nakedness with shame is produced by rebellion against the law of God and thus against the character of God. Nakedness is always done in the context of refusing to listen to or cooperate with God and His revealed will. CO. See Abomination and Defiled.

Nakedness is a state of innocence when in Christ. Genesis 2:25; Job 1:21

Rebellion against the law of God makes naked and makes us ashamed to be in His presence. Genesis 3:1-11; Exodus 32:25; Revelation 3:17; II Chronicles 28:1-25; Habakkuk 2:15 - Genesis 9:20,27; Leviticus 18 & 20; Ezekiel 22 & 23.

God wants to clothe nakedness in His righteousness. Genesis 2:25 See PP 45 & 57; GC 640; EW 34 & 286; Genesis 3:21; Ezekiel 16:8-14; 18:7,16; Zechariah 3:1-5; Isaiah 61:10 & Matthew 22:1-14; Mark 5:15; Luke 8:26-35; Revelation 3:18; 16:15

Clothing people is a sign of like-mindedness with God. Ezekiel 18:7,16; Isaiah 5:7; 58:7; II Chronicles 28:8-15; Matthew 25:31-46.

Making people naked is a sign of rebellion against God. Job 22:6; 24:7-10; James 2:15

Nakedness is a fact when serving God. I Corinthians 4:11; Romans 8:35; II Corinthians 11:27

Violating family sexual boundaries is a display of nakedness. Leviticus 18 and 20; Genesis 9:22-23


Nail – An object, or concept, that secures to a place so that it cannot move. C.O.

          Holy. Ezra 9:8; Isaiah 22:23

          Common. Isaiah 41:7; Jeremiah 10:4

          Device to slay. Judges 4:17-22 & 5:24-27

          See sword. 


Nails - "The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd." Ecclesiastes 12:11


Name - of the Lord - "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it and is safe." Proverbs 18:10


Nations - "Every nation that has come upon the stage of action has been permitted to occupy its place on the earth, that the fact might be determined whether it would fulfill the purposes of the Watcher the Holy One. Prophecy has traced the rise and progress of the world's great empires--Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. With each of these, as with the nations of less power, history has repeated itself. Each has had its period of test; each has failed, its glory faded, its power departed.

While nations have rejected God's principles, and in this rejection have wrought their own ruin, yet a divine, overruling purpose has manifestly been at work throughout the ages....

As the wheel-like complications (Ezekiel 1:15-21) were under the guidance of the hand beneath the wings of the cherubim, so the complicated play of human events is under divine control. Amidst the strife and tumult of nations He that sitteth above the cherubim still guides the affairs of this earth.

The history of nations speaks to us today. To every nation and to every individual God has assigned a place in His great plan. Today men and nations are being tested by the plummet in the hand of Him who makes no mistake. All are by their own choice deciding their destiny, and God is overruling all for the accomplishment of His purposes." PK 535-536


Nations - "In the annals of human history, the growth of nations, the rise and fall o empires, appear as if dependent on the will and prowess of man; the shaping of events seems, to a great degree, to be determined by his power, ambition, or caprice. But in the word of God the curtain is drawn aside, and we behold, above, behind, and through all the play and counterplay of human interest and power and passions, the agencies of the All-merciful One, silently, patiently working out the counsels of His own will....

In His law God has made known the principles that underlie all true prosperity, both of nations and of individuals. To the Israelites Moses declared of this law: "This is your wisdom and your understanding." "It is not a vain thing for you; because it is your life." Deuteronomy 4:6; 32:47. The blessings thus assured to Israel are, on the same conditions and in the same degree, assured to every nation and to every individual under the broad heavens." PK 499-501


Nations - Heathen - "A remnant of Israel had already returned to their own land, and Satan was seeking to move upon the heathen nations, who were his agents, to utterly destroy them." 5T 468


Nations - philosophy of - "In the history of nations the student of God's word may behold the literal fulfillment of divine prophecy. Babylon, shattered and broken at last, passed away because in prosperity its rulers had regarded themselves as independent of God, and had ascribed the glory of their kingdom to human achievement. The Medo-Persian realm was visited by the wrath of Heaven because in it God's law had been trampled underfoot. The fear of the Lord had found no place in the hearts of the vast majority of the people. Wickedness, blasphemy, and corruption prevailed. The kingdoms that followed were even more base and corrupt; and these sank lower and still lower in the scale of moral worth.

The power exercised by every ruler on the earth is Heaven imparted; and upon his use of the power thus bestowed, his success depends....

To understand these things,--to understand that "righteousness exalteth a nation;" that "the throne is established by righteousness." and "upholden by mercy;" to recognize the outworking of these principles in the manifestation of His power who "removeth kings, and setteth up kings," this is to understand the philosophy of history. Proverbs 14:34; 16:12; 20:28; Daniel 2:21

In the word of God only is this clearly set forth. Here it is shown that the strength of nations, as of individuals, is not found in the opportunities or facilities that appear to make them invincible; it is not found in their boasted greatness. It is measured by the fidelity with which they fulfill God's purpose." PK 501-502


Nazarite – One separated for service to God. Genesis 49:26 Examples:

Joseph. Genesis 45:5 Psalms 195:17

Israel. Exodus 33:16

Levites. Numbers 16:8-9

Individual taking the Nazarite vow. Numbers 6:1-21

Samson. Judges 13:2-7, 14

Rechabites. Jeremiah 35

John the Baptist. Luke 1:13-17

Christian church – New Testament Israel – II Corinthians 6:17

Paul. Romans 1:1; Acts 13:2

Jesus. Matthew 26:29; Hebrews 7:26

God’s people. Leviticus 20:24


Nazarite – “He (Samson) was to be a Nazarite from his birth, thus being placed under a perpetual prohibition against the use of wine or strong drink.” PP 562


Nazarite vow - Numbers 6:1-21 - A voluntary priesthood undertaken for a specific time which allow the individual, male or female, to be devoted to God's service. An Old Testament example of the priesthood of the believer. CO See Ezekiel 44:9-31`

                   Type                                                 Anti-Type

1. Male or female separate themselves      1. Priesthood of the believer.

for a period of time. v.2                                      I Peter 2:9  Revelation 5:10

2. No products of the grape vine. v.3-4    2. Health reform. Able to distinguish between holy and unholy. Leviticus 10:1-10 & I Corinthians 10:31; II Corinthians 6:14-18. No wine of Babylon. Revelation 17:2-6

                                                                   Luke 22:16-18

3. No razor to cut the hair. v. 5,9              3. Hair was a symbol of the anointing oil crown. Leviticus 21:12 and the crown of the priestly mitre - Leviticus 8:9 both symbols of the mind devoted to God's thoughts. II Corinthians 10:5

                                                                   No razor of deceit to come to the Nazarite. Psalms 52:2 and Judges 16.

4. No contact with death. v.6,7,9              4. No defilement with sin. No abominations in the life. Ephesians 5:27; Revelation 21:27

5. Holy to the Lord. v. 8                            5. Total obedience to Jesus through His indwelling power. Jude 24; Revelation 14:1-5,12

6. Various sacrifices. v. 10-17                   6. Sacrifices fulfilled in Jesus - washed in          His blood. I Corinthians  5:7;      Revelation 7:14

7. Upon completion of the vow                 7. Put off the flesh – resurrected body – able to eat and drink at the supper of God.  I Corinthians 15:38-54; Revelation 19:9


Necklace - "My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother, for they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head and chains about thy neck." Proverbs 1:8-9; 3:1-3; 3:21-22; 4:7-9; 6:20-21


Neighbor- “We are to remember that our neighbor is the one who needs our sympathy and help. Our neighbor is every soul who is wounded and bruised by the adversary. Our neighbor is every one who is the property of God.” 6T 294


Nethanim- “Men upon whom Ezra could rely as wise ministers and good teachers and helpers.” PK 615


New Light - "The reformation did not, as many suppose, end with Luther. It is to be continued to the close of this world's history. Luther had a great work to do in reflecting to others the light which God had permitted to shine upon him; yet he did not receive all the light which was to be given to the world. From that time to this, new light has been continually shining upon the scriptures and new truths have been constantly unfolding." GC 148-149


Nicolatians – Doctrine of – “The doctrine is now largely taught that the gospel of Christ has made the law of God of no effect. That by believing  we are released from the necessity of being doers of the Word. Bu this is the doctrine of the Nicolatians, which Christ so unsparingly condemned.” 7BC 957


Nicolatians – sin of – “It it (our sin) the sin of the Nicolatians – turning the grace of God int lasciviousness?” 7BC 957


Nursing - "After individuals have been converted to the truth, they need to be looked after. The zeal of many ministers seems to fail as soon as a measure of success attends their efforts. They do not realize that these newly converted ones need nursing - watchful attention, help, and encouragement. These should not be left alone, a prey to Satan's most powerful temptations; they need to be educated in regard to their duties, to be kindly dealt with, to be led along, and to be visited and prayed with. These souls need the meat apportioned to every man in due season." EV 351