Spiritual Dictionary Section S-5

Spiritualism- “Spiritualism asserts that men are unfallen demigods, that “each mind will judge itself;” that “true knowledge places men above all law;” that “all sins committed are innocent;” for “whatever is, is right,” and “God doth not condemn.” The basest of human beings it represents as in heaven and highly exalted there. This it declares to all men, “it matters not what you do; live as you please, heaven is your home.” Multitudes are thus led to believe that desire is the highest law, that license is liberty, and that man is accountable to himself.” Ed 227-228


Spot- stains and blemishes- “…wicked are spots and blemishes.” 2 Peter 2:15 & 3:14


Spring – corrupt – “A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain and a corrupt spring.” Proverbs 25:26


Stand – A Bible term meaning several different things. It can mean to reign, to fight or attack, to judge, to serve, to deliver, to associate with, to succeed, or to be holy. Jesus fulfills all these concepts in the great text of Daniel 12:1 “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people:” CO

To reign:

Exodus 1:8 A new king rose up in Egypt.

Daniel 8:22 Four kings shall stand up.


To fight:

Numbers 16:1-3 Korah and co. rose up against Moses.

Daniel 8:23,25 King shall stand up against Jesus.

Acts 4:26 Kings of the earth stood against Jesus.


To judge:

Numbers 25:6-16 Phineas judges evil.

II Chronicles 28:12,15 Men of Ephraim judge rightly.

I Kings 17:1 Elijah judges Israel

Isaiah 3:13 God to plead and to judge

Exodus 32:26 Moses at the Golden Calf

Acts 7:55-56 Stephen sees Jesus standing at close of Jews probation. See Revelation 8:3


To serve:

Daniel 10:11 Daniel strengthened to serve.

Joshua 3. Priests to stand in the river.

II Kings 23:3 Josiah and the people commit to God.


To deliver:

Exodus 2:15-21 Moses delivers Jethro’s daughters.

II Chronicles 20:17 Stand and be delivered.

Judges 5:7 Deborah delivers Israel.

Luke 8:24 Jesus arose to calm the sea.


To associate with:

John 18:16-25 Peter stood with non-believers.

John 20:19-20 Jesus stood with His disciples.


To succeed:

Isaiah 8:9-10 No God in your plans, it will not stand.

II Chronicles 13:1-18 Abijah stands trusting in God.

Ephesians 6:11-17 Have all the armor on to stand.

Revelation 14:1 & 16:2 The 144,000 stand on the sea of glass.


To intercede for:

Numbers 16:48 Aaron intercedes for the people.

Psalms 106:23 Moses stands in the breach.

Revelation 5:6 Jesus stands in Heaven.


To be holy:

Psalms 24:3-6 Criteria for holy people to stand.

Exodus 20:18,21 People could not stand in God’s presence.

Messiah fulfills: Job 19:25; Micah 5:4


Storm –

Ire of a fallen church. EW 222

Storm of opposition from the priests (catholic). EW 223


Star – God's people are referred to as stars. Genesis 37:9-11;  Daniel 8:9-10; 12:3

God has brighter stars – ministers. Revelation 1:16,20; GW 13

Great star is Jesus. Number 24:17; Malachi 4:2; Luke 1:78

Wicked. Jude 13; Amos 5:26; Revelation 12:4


Stiffnecked – Proud and rebellious against the things of God.

Stiffnecked and rebellious equated. Deuteronomy 9:6-7; 31:27

Uncircumcised hearts are stiffnecked. Deuteronomy 10:16

Not yielding to the Lord. II Chronicles 30:8

Resisting the movings of the Holy Ghost. Acts 7:51

Refusal to hear or hear instructions of God. Refusal to obey God. Jeremiah 17:23

Refusing to turn to God. II Chronicles 36:13

          See Hardening of the heart.


Sting - "The sting of death is sin." I Corinthians 15:56

"Wine (false doctrines) stings like an adder." Proverbs 23:32


Stink - Disobedience to, or rebellion from, God causes a stink. Genesis 34:30; Exodus 16:20; II Samuel 10:1-6; Psalms 38:4-5 CO


Stone- “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Zechariah 12:3 See Dan. 2:34,35,44,45


Stones- precious- good works. PK 410


Stranger –

Equated with being a Samaritan. Luke 17:16-18

One of the people of Israel, but comes from a far country for thy names sake. I Kings 8:41


Strength- “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10


Strength of character- “…consists of two things – power of will and power of self-control.” SD 84


Stubbornness- “…is as iniquity and idolatry.” I Samuel 15:23


Subjection- “Subjection to God is restoration to one’s self – to the true glory and dignity of men. The divine law, to which we are brought into subjection, is "the law of liberty.” DA 466


Success - "God gives opportunities; success depends upon the use made of them." PK 486


Success – “Success is not the result of chance or of destiny; it is the outworking of God’s own providence, the reward of faith and discretion, of virtue and persevering effort.” COL 353


Success - "True success in any line of work is not the result of chance accident or destiny. It is the outworking of God's providences, the reward of faith and discretion, of virtue and perseverance. Fine mental qualities and a high moral tone are not the result of accident. God gives opportunities, success depends upon the use made of them." PK 486


Suicide – “…Saul took his own life by falling upon his  sword…Thus the first king of Israel perished, with the guilt of self-murder upon his soul. His life had been a failure, and he went down in dishonor and despair, because he had set up his own perverse will against the will of God.” PP 682. It appears that suicide is an end product of rebellion against God, and His commandments. Protection from suicide would come by surrendering to Jesus, obeying Him and His commandments, and allowing Jesus to protect us and supply all of our needs. Matthew 11:28-30 CO

          Examples of people who have committed suicide:

Korah, Dathan, and Abiram and families and the 250 princes – Numbers 16:16-35

The rebellious at heart at Kadesh – Numbers 16:41-50

          King Saul – II Samuel 31:1-6; I Chronicles 10:1-7

          Ahithophel – II Samuel 17:23

          Judas – Matthew 27:3-5


Examples of people who thought they wanted to die but did not commit suicide:

Job – Job 8:8-11

          Moses – Numbers 11:1-15

          Israel – nation of – Exodus 16:3; Numbers 14:1-5

          Elijah – I Kings 19:4

          Jonah – Jonah 4:1-3

          Philippian Jailer – Acts 16:25; AA 215-216


Examples of people who did service for God but whom people think had suicidal thoughts:

Samson – Judges 16:20-30

Jonah – Jonah 1:11-17

Jesus – Matthew 16:21-23


Examples of people committing suicide – self murder:

People who bring themselves to untimely graves by sensual passions, unnatural appetites – in the judgment will be charged with self-murder. YI 4/1/1872

Killing self by gluttonous appetite. RH 6/13/1899

God forbids killing our-selves by gradual suicide or sudden suicide through the reduction of vitality leading to sickness and death in not following dress reform. The Health Reform 1/1/1873

Disappointment in losing horse racing events, gambling, or card playing leads people to a state of madness and suicide and murder are the result. RH 3/6/1884

Some become so disgusted with life that they kill themselves. 2 MCP 726

An office worker, writing for Jesus, so cramped and physically inactive that he is not breathing properly and was committing gradual suicide. I T 520

Through indulgence in tobacco and strong drink people are committing gradual suicide. 17 MR 354


Sun – The sun is a physical object that God created to give many revelations of His power and His care over His people. The sun is also a symbol of power, energy, resources, and of leadership. CO


A testimony for all to see:

David slept with Bathsheeba secretly but Absalom would sleep with his father’s wives before Israel and the sun. II Samuel 12:11-12

Elymas, the Sorcerer, was blinded and could not see the sun for a season – many unbelievers convinced of the power of God and that He had sent the disciples. Acts 13:6-12

God offers Hezekiah a sign of His power to save by allowing the sun to move forward or backward by ten degrees. Isaiah 38:8

In the future the bones of all the rebels will be laid out before the sun, moon, and stars. Jeremiah 8:2

Saul blinded by a light above the brightness of the sun – was blinded for 3 days  - a testimony to the people. Acts 26:12-18

Smoke from the pit darkened the sun – error interfering with the revealing of truth. Revelation 9:2


Before the day of the Lord:

Before the day of the Lord there will at least one event when the sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood. Joel 2:31; Acts 2:14-20; Revelation 6:12


In the new heavens and the new earth:

After the creation of the new heavens and the new earth the moon shall be lighted as the sun and the sun shall shine sevenfold. Isaiah 30:25-26

Sun and moon will no longer be the primary lights for the Lord will be an everlasting light. Isaiah 60:19-20; Revelation 21:23


          It’s rising or setting a sign of a significant event:


Aaron and Hur supported the arms of Moses until the setting of the sun in the battle of Amalek. Exodus 17:12

At the rising of the sun the manna melted. Exodus 16:21

At the rising of the sun upon Lot the angels brought destruction upon Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 19:23-24

At the setting of the sun Jesus entered into covenant with Abraham. Genesis 15:12-18

At the transfiguration Jesus’ face shone as the sun and His clothing was white as the light. Matthew 17:2

Because the sun had set Jacob sleeps at Bethel and has his vision. Genesis 28:11

Ceremonially unclean until the setting of the sun. Leviticus 22:7

From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same the name of God shall be great among the Gentiles. Malachi 1:11

Jacob wrestles with Jesus until the rising of the sun. Genesis

Joshua commands the sun and moon to stand still until they have victory over their enemies. Joshua 10:1-14

Joshua keeps the five kings of the Amorites in a cave until the victory is won, then  judges them, and hangs them on 5 trees until  the setting of the sun and then casts them back into the cave. Joshua 10:15-27

Levite is attached at night and curses Benjamin when the sun rises. Judges 19

Sacrifice the Passover Lamb at the setting of the sun. Deuteronomy 16:16

The righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father after the second coming. Matthew 13:43

To return someone’s garment by the setting of the sun. Exodus 22:26-27

To those that fear the name of God the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings. Malachi 4:2

When the sun comes up it scorches the thorny ground hearers – the light reveals the depth of commitment. Matthew 13:5-6

Women came to the tomb of Jesus at the rising of the sun – both early in the day and the rising of a new experience for the church. Mark 16:1-2


Object of false worship:

In Israel, before the captivity to Babylon, the greatest abomination in God’s list of evils is that of worshipping the sun with their backs to the temple of God. Ezekiel 8:16

Josiah breaks down the altar of Baal and all the signs of worship of the sun, moon, and stars, burned the chariots of the sun and took away the horses given to the sun. All of these objects were in Israel. II Kings 23:1-14


Solar object established by God to teach lessons of faith and truth:

God sends the sun and rain on the just and unjust – impartial Giver. Matthew 5:45

God uses the things that He has made to preach about Himself, and makes a tabernacle to display the sun. Psalms 19:1-6; Romans 1:20

Moses instructs Israel that they are not to worship the sun, moon, or stars, or make graven images of them. Deuteronomy 4:14-24

People to be stoned if it is learned that they are worshipping the sun, moon, and stars. Deuteronomy 17:2-7

Sun was to rule the day and divide it from the night/darkness. It was to be for signs, seasons, days, and years. The greater of the two lights, it ruled the day and the moon ruled the night. Genesis 1:14-19; Psalms 136:8-9


Symbolic figure representing leadership, dominion, or the revealing of some significant quality:

A great wonder in heaven – a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of 12 stars – the church of God. Revelation 12:1

Another  mighty angel with a rainbow at His feet and His face as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire – Jesus. Revelation 10:1

For the Lord God is a sun and shield. Psalms 84:11

God has raised up one from the north, from the rising of the sun shall he call upon His name. Isaiah 41:25

God sends the blessing of the Sun on the just and the unjust alike – all are free to respond. Matthew 5:45

God shines out of Zion the perfection of beauty. Psalms 50:1-2

He that rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God, and he shall be as a light of the morning when the sun riseth… II Samuel 23:1-5

I saw an angel standing in the sun – Jesus. Revelation 19:17

In Joseph’s vision he sees the sun – Jacob – bowing to him.  He also sees the moon – mother – and the 11 stars – his brothers bowing to him as well. Genesis 37:9-10

Judah’s standard was to be on the east side of the tabernacle toward the rising of the sun. Numbers 2:3

She, the church, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, terrible as an army with banners. Song of Solomon 6:10

The Dayspring from on high has visited us. Luke 1:78

The face of Jesus was as the sun in his strength. Revelation 1:16

The fourth plague is that the sun shall scorch those who have not received the seal of God. Revelation 16:10

Those who love God are to be as the sun when he goeth forth in his might. Judges 5:31

When God’s prophets rebel against Him they will not be able to “see”. They are spiritually blind as though the sun went down in their minds and they were left in darkness. Micah 3:5-8

Wisdom allows us to “see” the sun. Ecclesiastes 7:11


The day of the Lord:

At the crucifixtion of Jesus the sun was darkened from the 6th hour to the 9th hour. This was a day of the Lord. Luke 23:44-45

In the day of the Lord the sun will be darkened, the stars will not give their light and the moon will be darkened, not turned red. Isaiah 13:9-10; 24:19-23; Joel 2:1-12; 3:15; Matthew 24:27; Luke 21:25-26