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Chronology of Events tothe Last Days. 11/27/09

Definition of Worship. 11/27/09

Tongues: According tothe Bible 12/4/09

Vegan Recipes 12/13/09

Link to Recovery Stories fromthe Big Big Book 12/31/09

Link toThe Noah Studies 1/1/2010

New Studies by Dorothy Dunbar on SDA Church History Look forthe Waymarks 1/28/10

Church History Article - Tell it tothe World 1/28/10

Link to Avatar's Garden of Pandora 2/3/10

The 1844 Doctrine 2/9/10

Noah's Tabernacle -the Ark 2/27/10

Avatar and Satan's Pandoran Deception 3/1/10

Recovery Stories -The Crank Tree 3/21/10

Judah and Tamar 3/26/10

Church History by Dorothy Dunbar - Tell It Tothe Word -The 1844 Experience 4/3/10

Revision ofThe Experience of William Miller by Dorothy Dunbar on 4/3/101844

History ofthe Great Disappointment by Dorothy Dunbar James and Ellen White parts 1-3 and Publishing the Review by Dorothy Dunbar on 5/16/10

Principles inthe Introduction ofthe Great Controversy 6/14/10

ATheology of Hand-Washing 6/29/10

 Prophetic History Repeats by Darlene Newman 7/5/10

Candace Taylor's Vegan Carob Cake and Frosting Receipes inthe Vegan Receipe Section 7/15/10

The Daily andthe Continual fromthe Spiritual Dictionary with updates 7/29/10

ATheology of Tattooing 8/23/10

Ceremonial Sabbaths 8/25/10

Preamble to the Book of Daniel 8/31/10

Daniel Chapter One 9/1/10

Daniel Chapter Two 9/2/10

Daniel Chapter Three 9/4/10

Daniel Chapter Four 9/5/10

Daniel Chapter Five 9/6/10

Daniel Chapter Six 9/7/10

Daniel Chapter Seven 9/11/10

Daniel Chapter Eight 9/11/10

Daniel Chapter Nine 9/12/10

Daniel Chapter Ten 9/13/10

Daniel Chapter Eleven 9/13/10

Daniel Chapter Twelve 9/13/10

Preamble for the Book of Revelation 9/14/10

The Ruth Studies 9/19/10

A Theology of Serpents 10/14/10

 Revelation Chapter One 10/17/10

The Gospel According to the Signs, Wonders, and Plagues of Egypt 10/21/20

The Potato Patch Preachers by Dorothy Dunbar 10/21/10

The Gospel According to the Gittites 10/21/10

Revelation Chapter Two 10/29/10

Study on the Shewbread 10/29/10

Verb study on the word "Restore" in Spiritual Dictionary R 11/2/10

Revelation Chapters Three, Four, Five and most of the revisions on the website. 11/12/10

Verb study on the word "Remove" in Spiritual Dictionary R 11/12/

The Ablest Man, and John Andrews 2-3 by Dorothy Dunbar posted on 11/23/10

Revelation Chapter Six. 12/17/10

Revelation Chapter Seven 12/23/10

Bible Study about Trumpets in section T-2 of the Spiritual Dictionary. 12/30/10

The preamble and chapters 1-4 of the Ruth Studies 12/30/10

Carob Fudge Receipe in the Vegan Receipe section 1/7/11

Revelation Chapters 8-9   1/19/11

Revelation Chapter 10 1/27/11

Monkey Bread, Cashew Cheese Sauce, and Lasgana receipes in the Vegan Recipes section. 1/27/11

Revelation Chapter 11 1/27/11

Revelation Chapter 12 1/30/11

Revelation Chapter 13 parts one and two 2/8/11

Revelation Chapter 14 2/15/11

Revelation Chapter 15 2/16/11

Revelation Chapter 16 2/22/11

Revelation Chapter 17 2/27/11

Revelation Chapter 18 3/6/11

Revelation Chapter 19 3/9/11

Revelation Chapter 20 3/9/11

Revelation Chapter 21 3/14/11

Revelation Chapter 22 3/17/11

The Ten Commandments Before Mt. Sinai 4/21/11

The Ten Commandments During the Time of Jesus 4/21/11

The Life of Dudley Canright 6/13/11

The Ten Commandments After Calvary 4/21/11

Dr. John H. Kellogg parts 1-3 6/13/11

The Gospel According to Zombies 1/26/12

A Brief Story About EGWs Health Vision by Dorothy Dunbar 4/1/12

The Table of Shewbread in the Book of Revelation 5/8/12

The 7 Trumpets Chart 6/8/12

The 7 Seals Chart 6/8/12

The 7 Churches Chart 6/8/12

Did Ellen G. White Plagarize? 7/4/12

Jericho: God's Evangelistic Series 7/10/12

The Investigative Judgment 8/26/12

Nephilim and Extraterrestrials 1/14/13

The Gospel According to Pigs 4/15/13

Spiritual Gifts A Whole Bible Concept

Samson Series 6/2013

Did Abraham and Adam keep the Sabbath 9/2013

A Brief History of the Remnant - 2/9/14

Fundamental Doctrines of the Remnant 1-4 1/23/15

The Gospel for the Philistines and for Goliath 6/28/14

Solomon and the Investigative Judgment 9/10/15

The Prophetic Story of David 11/12/15

A 777 Experience versus a 666 Experience 11/23/15

ISIS and the Bible's Prophetic Outline 4/10/16

Observations About Islam From A Last Day Seventh Day Adventist Prophetic Perspective 12/15/16

Comparison of the Sanitarium Healing Model and the Hospital Healing Model 7/18/17

Celibacy and the Nazarite Vow 12/25/2017

1844 Style Sermons 9/29/2019

Chronology of the Book of Daniel 12/24/2017

A Seventh Day Adventist Response to  A Mormon Missionary 10/4/2020